Check employment contract (for expats)

€ 89,00

Check employment contract (for expats)

Dutch labor law and regulations are complex.

It is already difficult for Dutch employees to be aware of all rights and obligations in the field of employment law, most recently for expats. So for expats will it even be more difficult.

Are you an expat and do you work/are you going to work in the Netherlands and do you want to know whether the employment contract offered to you complies with Dutch laws and regulations?

Dutch Legal Experts is happy assist you!

Especially for expats, Dutch Legal Experts has created the “Employment contract check”. Dutch Legal Experts checks whether the employment contract offered complies with the applicable Dutch laws and regulations.

How it works

- You send the offered employment contract by e-mail to with subject: “Employment contract check for Expats”.

- You will be contacted within 24 hours (on working days), after which a call will be scheduled to discuss the content and any comments or suggestions / tips.

- After this telephone conversation you will receive an overview of the findings (including any comments / remarks and tips) by e-mail.


The "Employment contract check" amounts only € 89, - excluding VAT.


After the check you know whether you can confidently proceed to sign the employment contract or whether it is wise to enter into negotiations about an adjustment.

With this minimal investment, you can limit any consequences that may arise from undesirable agreements as much as possible.