Drafting a settlement agreement (incl. determine an offer to employee)

€ 750,00

In a settlement agreement you confirm the agreements that you have made with your employee with regard to the termination of the employment contract. In this way, you arrange the conditions of the dismissal together with the employee, so that you do not have to go to court or the UWV. The unemployment benefit rights of the employee are also guaranteed as much as possible. A settlement agreement is also named "termination agreement".

Based on the information provided, the situation will be mapped and the content of the settlement agreement will be strategically and legally determined. Your wishes will be taken into acount, of course.

Subsequently, a draft settlement agreement will be drawn up. You can submit this document to the employee.

The draft settlement agreement is the basis for further negotiation (s) with het employe, that you can do by yourself.

If desired, Dutch Legal Experts can take over the negotiations with the employee. These extra activities are not included in this package, but separate price agreements can be made for this.

*Fee for this service is excl. VAT